Server Upgrade Scheduled Completed

28 Feb 2019

Update 04 Mar 2019:

The database upgrade took place overnight on Saturday/Sunday and was successful. Work began just after 3am UTC and was fully completed just before 10am.

The Downtime Monkey website remained up and running throughout and monitoring of your websites was unaffected by the update.

During the update though some functionality was prevented - for example, adding new monitors was disabled.

The good news is that we now have shiny new database software that will remain current until late 2020 and should also increase performance.

The Downtime Monkey server requires maintenance to upgrade its database software to the latest version. This update is essential for keeping the Downtime Monkey database secure and reliable in the long-term, and performance should improve too.

We've scheduled this update to take place during off-peak hours this weekend. The upgrade is scheduled for Sunday, 3rd March at approximately 3am UTC.

scheduled server maintenance