Cheap Website Monitoring Pro Plans

25 Apr 2019

UPDATE - 7th June 2019 - Downtime Monkey's micro Pro plans top the list in the 2019 Website Monitoring Price Comparison.

UPDATE - 2nd October 2019 - a detailed comparison of Free and Pro plans published.

Last night we rolled out some new very inexpensive Micro Pro Plans.

We've always provided a basic Free Plan alongside Pro Plans which have powerful features and allow monitoring of many websites.

cheap website monitoring

However, we recently received requests from users who monitor only a few websites but wanted smaller, cheaper Pro Plans with the same useful, advanced features as the bigger Pro Plans.

So we have introduced new Pro1 and Pro10 micro plans.

We expect they'll be popular with small businesses and individuals who want the very best monitoring service at an incredibly cheap price...

Introducing Pro1 & Pro10 Plans

The Pro1 plan is for users who only need to monitor one website and the Pro10 enables monitoring of up to 10 sites.

Both these plans come with exactly the same features as the larger Pro Plans.

Features like: access to detailed records of all downtimes (including explanations of why each downtime occurred), monitoring of webpage content (keywords), and the ability to hold alerts until a website remains down for a specified time.

The plans start at just $0.48/month (€0.43/month or £0.36/month).

Payments are available in 158 currencies worldwide so whether you live in Vancouver, Sydney or Timbuktu you can pay in your home currency and be sure that there won't be any surprise conversion fees.

To see the kick-ass features that most benefit Micro Pro users check out this post.

A big thank you to everyone who provided feedback on this - you've helped us improve Downtime Monkey!