Bulk import, edit and delete monitors

26 Jun 2018

...new features

We've rolled out a bunch of new features designed to make it quicker and easier to monitor large numbers of websites - you can now add, edit and delete website monitors in bulk.

Thanks to everyone who have submitted feature requests - this helps us focus the development of Downtime Monkey on the areas that you want.

bulk imports

Bulk Add/Import Monitors

There are two ways to add website monitors in bulk - you can import from a spreadsheet (as a CSV file) or add manually as a comma separated list.

Import from a CSV file

You can add hundreds of monitors in a seconds by importing from a CSV file. It's the best way to add monitors if you have a spreadsheet of all your websites.

Simply save the spreadsheet as a .csv file and upload.

Add Manually as a Comma Separated List

It's also possible to add multiple monitors manually. Simply follow each website with a comma in the input form... piece of cake!

bulk add website monitors

Don't worry about duplicates...

Downtime Monkey removes any duplicate URLs before creating new monitors - therefore you'll only ever have one monitor per webpage, making things easier to keep track of.

...or mistakes

Downtime Monkey checks that all URLs are valid. Invalid URLs aren't added as monitors but are shown as invalid in the results, so that you can find and correct them easily.

...or other text

Plain text (or any text that isn't a URL) is ignored too - this means that you can confidently import from a spreadsheet that contains other text as well as website URLs. Only the valid URLs will be imported.

...or dead websites

Every URL that you add is visited to check that the webpage is a real and operational. If the page is redirected or there is no response then the monitor won't be created - you'll be informed in the import results.

bulk import website monitors from CSV file

Bulk Edit Settings

You can now update the settings of all your website monitors at once. Sign up and login, go to your monitors (Pro) and select 'Edit All'.

bulk edit website monitors

You can turn email and SMS alerts on or off, select the email address and phone number for alerts and customise when alerts should be sent - click the button and all your monitors will be updated to the new settings.

It's still possible to apply individual settings to specific monitors - simply edit the settings of the individual monitor as before.

Bulk Delete Monitors

Much the same as bulk edit you can now delete all your monitors at once.

Note that when you delete a monitor there's no going back and all uptime stats will be deleted along with the monitor. If in doubt, we'd recommend keeping the monitors but turning alerts off.

bulk delete website monitors

Pro Features

These features will be most useful for power users who monitor lots of websites and for this reason we've rolled them out to Pro users. We intend to develop some more features for power users in the coming weeks and months and also something for our Free users.

If you have any feature requests, please let us know via the feedback form on the help and support page.