Whitelist Email Addresses in Yahoo Mail

30 Nov 2018

Previously we answered the question: Why Whitelist an Email Address?

TLDR; "If you expect to receive important emails from a trusted email address it is worth whitelisting the address to make sure that emails won't be accidentally blocked by an overzealous email client."

In this post we cover how to do it in Yahoo! Mail by adding a filter...

1) Login to Yahoo! Mail and select settings by clicking on the gear icon:

Yahoo Mail Settings

2) Scroll down the menu and select 'More settings':

Yahoo Mail More Settings

3) In the left-hand menu select 'Filters':

Yahoo Mail Filters

4) Select 'Add new filters':

Yahoo Mail Add New Filters

5) Type a name for your filter - here we chose "Whitelist Website Downtime Alerts":

Yahoo Mail Set Filter Name

6) Under 'Set rules', select 'From' as the rule and 'contains' as the criterion for the filter. The filter will be applied to any email that comes from an email address that contains the text you add:

Yahoo Mail Select From Address

7) Input the email address that you want to whitelist - here we input 'monitor@downtimemonkey.com' to whitelist all emails that come from this address:

Yahoo Mail Set From Address

8) Under 'Choose a folder to move to' select 'Inbox'. This ensures that all emails will arrive in the inbox and never be sent to spam:

Yahoo Mail Move To Inbox

9) Click save:

Yahoo Mail Save Filter

10) Once the filter has been successfully created, you can view it under 'Your Filters':

Yahoo Mail Filter Complete

Whitelisting A Whole Domain

In 'Step 7' a single email address was whitelisted. It's also possible to whitelist all emails associated with a domain.

By adding downtimemonkey.com to the contains field instead of monitor@downtimemonkey.com we would whitelist every email address belonging to downtimemonkey.com.