New SMS Provider for the US

16 Oct 2019

At the end of last week we changed to a new SMS provider for all text messages to phones in the United States. The reason for the change was that some US networks (e.g. AT&T) had been blocking SMSs sent by the previous system.

This meant that although messages were delivered successfully to the network they weren't getting through to the user's phone.

No Alerts Missed

If it's possible to have an upside to this kind of thing, it was that no-one missed any alerts. This was down to our 'test SMS' feature.

Before setting up SMS alerts, the 'test SMS' feature enabled affected users to see that texts weren't getting through to them, so they set up alerts via email or Slack instead. Not perfect by any means but better than missed alerts.

message in bottle

New System

After sourcing a new provider that specialised in deliverability to all US networks we undertook a period of testing before integrating their API into our messaging system. Text messages to US phones now go through the new supplier while texts to other countries remain the same as before.

So, if you're a US user who previously couldn't receive SMSs, login and send a 'test SMS' now - it should be received successfully.

If you'd like a few free SMS credits to send a test message, contact us through the Support page and we'll add them to your account.

Finally, a big thank you to the users who brought this to our attention and helped us fix the problem and improve the service.